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Mansoura University Hotel (Ramada)
28th - 29th May 2016

Update in HairRestoration Surgery

Under Patronage

Prof. Mohamed Hassan El-Kenawy

President of Mansoura University

Prof. Ashraf Soweilam

Vice President of Mansoura Uinversity

Prof.El-Said M.Abdel-Hady

Dean Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Ahmed Badawi

Vice Dean For Graduate Studies & Research

Prof. Fawzy Hamza

President of ESPRS

Prof. Mohamed Radwan El Hadidy

Conference President

  • Physiology of Hair Follicles
  • Medical treatment of Hair Disorders
  • Total Ankle ArthroplastyThe use of tissue Expansion in Management of Cictricial Alopecia
  • Hair Transplantation: planning, Surgery ,Postoperative Care & Outcomes
  • Follicular Unit Extraction( FUE)
  • The use of Regenerative Medicine in
  • Treatment of Alopecia (PRP and Stem cells)

First announcement

Prof. Piero Tesauro


Vice President of Italian Society


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